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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 22, 2013)
guys i dont know if you still remember me but i rly want to play again :/
(Sep 17, 2013)
(Sep 08, 2013)
is this clan still active?
(Sep 07, 2013)
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
(Apr 19, 2013)
Guys ops is dead we are now switching too FeaR. Apply at
(Apr 18, 2013)
I already said him that, but he have nothing else to do then swearing around, and saying this gay bullshit.
(Apr 18, 2013)
ew. gros man u need to get a life
(Apr 17, 2013)
(Apr 17, 2013)
Ich bin schwul!/ I am still gay !!!
(Apr 14, 2013)
guys this clan is dead i am starting a new one called FeAr join at
(Apr 10, 2013)
hey guyz
(Apr 07, 2013)
Droidball u are really playing now the stupid man? We already know since months this clan is dead. And we may joined another clan it doesn t matter. Me and Metrin won t join mando and ofc not ero or another of this wanna be pro clans.
(Apr 07, 2013)
u guys should join a different clan because this 1 seems dead
(Apr 04, 2013)
I dint swear! sorry, ok? it was a joke. if you cant take it i wont be back.
(Apr 04, 2013)
Helix, get ur freaking ass out of this dead site. Swear enough?
(Apr 04, 2013)
(Apr 04, 2013)
BTW idiot is not a swear. duh