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Manakeep 728x90
(Nov 22, 2018)
It's dead Eagle, but a lot of us play different games now, mostly Counter-Strike : Global Offenseive
(Dec 10, 2017)
anyone still on?
(May 19, 2017)
Well not em
(Feb 28, 2017)
Pretty much dead unless you run Game Ranger/Hamachi.
(Jan 13, 2017)
Is anyone actually still playing this, coming back after 3 years, still no clue why I stopped playing this.
(Sep 23, 2016)
(Sep 18, 2016)
(Aug 15, 2016)
Most likely more, no clue. Don´t remember the date, well I still played REPCOM at that time, so this means a freaking lot of time
(Aug 15, 2016)
IDK, a long while ago, probably a year ago or more
(Aug 05, 2016)
(Jul 30, 2016)
So... When did Ravex go inactive?
(Jul 17, 2016)
Message to allies: I have been made the new official 2nd in Command of LXM Clan
(Jul 12, 2016)
(Jul 12, 2016)
Yes, I do. Sometimes
(Jun 16, 2016)
The dedication you have man
(Jun 11, 2016)
you still check this site marco?
(Jun 04, 2016)
(May 17, 2016)
(Jan 20, 2016)
Yeah Killer made a patch, but honestly who would want to play with these randoms anyway?
(Jan 18, 2016)
Contactable on Steam